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Level & Flow Process Instruments

We manufacture high grade process control instruments.


We Are The Manufacturer And Supplier Of Manometers Which Have The Following Types:

Teleflo Industrial And Laboratory Single Limb, Teleflo U-Tube, Teleflo Inclined, Teleflo Wall/ Table Mounted Manometers With Three Way Isolation Check Valves Etc.

Manometers, industrial manometers are used in various industrial application for pressure and vacuum measurements. Manometers and industrial manometers are also used for flow measurement techniques. They are available in wall-mounting or pedestal type and 'U' tube or single limb type. The manometers, industrial manometers may be of inclined type or provided a vernier scale for obtaining greater accuracy.

The normal accuracy of the manometer is 1 mm but by providing a inclined tube 0.1 mm or better accuracy can be obtained. A movable vernier can further provide a readability of 0.1 mm. Gradations in inches and cms are Standard Special type of Scales can be provided to take care of specific requirements,

Single Limb Manometers
Are provided with a well which has a much larger area to that of the manometer tube and the level variation in the well is negligible to the rise in level in the Manometer tube. The Scales of these manometers are also prepared in such a manner as to compensate the level change in the well. Multi tube manometers with individual wells are used for multiple reading of pressure and also suitable for tank level gauging with purge tube.

'U' Tube Manometer
The standard 'U' tube type manometer has two straight glass tubes with a 'U' bend at the bottom end. These . manometers are provided with top and bottom blocks and fitted with such accessories like external zero adjuster valve, safety cover, filling and drain plugs, catch pots, zero leak ball check valves, zero adjustable scale, vernier scale, leveling screws, swiveling body, etc.

1/8" / ¼" / ½"; BSP, NPT, Ferrule or hose connector.

Maximum range 0-3000mm

Check Valve and Return Wells
Check valve is used to prevent the fluid from leaving the manometer if the instrument is operated beyond the range, either due to high range or surge conditions. Return wells are used to prevent loss of the indicating fluid by collecting the over flow fluid and returning it to the Manometer.



Sensitron Thermocouples and wells are designed for making available to the industry a complete range of thermocouples for measuring temperatures from 150°C to 1600°C and, are highly accurate and sensitive. These thermocouples are offered with a very wide range of thermowells of different materials to suit the application.

Basically, a thermocouple is composed of two dissimilar metal wires butt welded together in a circuit. The circuit develops a small EMF, in accordance with See back effect, between the measuring and reference junctions. This EMF can be measured by means of any pyrometer in terms of temperature.

Sensitron Thermocouples are fabricated by gas or arc welding or resistance welding in accordance with ISA recommendations.

Special Thermocouple
The assembly consists of single or duplex thermocouple elements with cylindrical ceramic insulators encased in a spring loaded stainless tube. It is supplied with a screwed cover head and pipe nipple with 4 ¼' NPT mounting thread. In order to get highest speed of response to a temperature change, the last inch of the bore in the well is reduced in diameter to provide a tight fit around the sensitive tip of the thermocouple.

The spring loaded feature ensures positive metal to metal contact between the thermocouple and well allowing the highest possible rate of heat transfer to the measuring junction. Spring padding also allows movements of the thermal element due to expansion and contraction without damage to the element or connecting head and terminal block.



We Are The Manufacturer And Supplier Of Rota meters & Flow Meters Which Have The Following Types:

Teleflo Glass Tube, Acrylic, Metal Tube & Magnetic Rota meters And Flow Meters with Flow Switches, Teleflo Orifice Plate or Carrier Ring Type By-Pass Rota meters, Teleflo Purge Rota meters Etc.

We have pleasure in introducing our superior variable area flow meters and rotameters and industrial rotameters with special types offered for general industrial service and instrumentation requirements. Glass tube rotameters are offered where general flow measurements are within the limitations imposed by pressure rating of the glass metering tubes. For higher pressure ratings we offer metal metering tubes. Rotameters and industrial rotameters manufactured are of panel mounted types as well as pipe line mounted types. The pipeline mounted instruments are constructed to withstand pipeline installation stress, strain and vibrations. The unique gland arrangement ensures zero leakage and long life to the metering tube.

Purge Meter (Low-Flow Rotameters)
Measure low flows of gas, air, water with accuracy using this type of flow tube. This is ideal for laboratory or instrumentation applications. Mounting can be panel or by optional tripod base. Available in complete acrylic body or stainless steel body with glass metering tube. Dependable flow control is provided by needle valve located at inlet front of frame. Center line dimensions standard for back panel mounting are 65mm, 150mm and 200mm.

Model No Float Mat Meter Size Maximum Flow Rate PR Loss Water Kg/CM² PR Loss Air Kg/CM² Max Tube Rating Kg/Cm²

Water LPH Air LPH Air Nm³/hr

RM-0-A PTFE 6 5 160 0.16 0.10 0.05 15

10 300 0.30

RM-0-B PTFE 6 10 320 0.32

20 600 0.60

RM-0-C PTFE 6 20 640 0.64

40 1200 1.20

RM-0-D PTFE 6 40 1280 1.28

80 2400 2.40

RM-0-E PTFE 15 80 2560 2.56 0.15 0.07 12

160 4800 4.80

RM-0-F PTFE 15 100 3200 3.20

200 6000 6.00

By - Pass Rotameters
By-pass rotameters are suitable for economical measurement of flow in larger pipelines generally 2" NB to 14" NB. The construction is simple and reliable consisting of orifice plate with carrier ring and a shunt rotameter. The flow rate through the rotameter is proportional to the pressure drop across the orifice plate created by the main flow and is calibrated accordingly. During installation care should be taken to ensure laminar flow in the pipe section. Orifice plate dimensions are based on ISA/ ISO/BS standards.

Metal Tube Rotameters
Armoured metal tube rotameters are recommended for liquids or gases where process or operating conditions make all-metal construction desirable. This type of rotameter is also usefui for metering opaque fluids. The meter is manufactured in various materials of construction and with 150,300 or 600 # flange connections. In our model RMC - 100 an extension with magnetic lenier indicating scale is bolted to the meter to indicate the float position. In another modification model RMC - 200 a dial type of indicator is provided.


Orifice Plate Assembly Flow Elements

We Are The Manufacturer And Supplier Of Orifice Plate Assembly And Venturi Which Have The Following Types:
Teleflo Orifice Plate, Orifice Plate Assembly Etc.

Weldneck, screwed, slip-on forged flanges. Flange taps, vent and drain. Orifice plate of SS, Monel with tag. Plat design as per B.S./A.P.I. Std. H.T. Bolts and Nuts. Jack screw provision.


1 Flange: CS, SS, A-105, CL I, CL II, A 181, A 182, IS 2002
2 Flange Rating: 150#, 300#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500#
3 Orifice Plate: SS 304, SS 316, Monel, etc.
4 Orifice Type: a) Sharp edge-straight. b) Bevel edge, c) Concentric. d) Eccentric. e) Segmental.
5 Drain & Vent Holes: Provided on request
6 Flange Taps: Two taps at 180 degree ½" BSP/NPT/BSPT (F) 2 Nos. per flange at 15/16" from raised face.
Drill size: ½" Ø-for under 2 ½" 3/8" Ø-for 3" & 3 ½" ½ Ø-for 4" & over
7 Jack Screws: Two dog-point bolts on one flange at 180 degrees to facilitate removal of plate.
8 Gaskets: CAF, PTFE, Spiral-wound, Ring Joint etc.


Flow Switches

We Are The Manufacturer And Supplier of Flow Switches Which Have the Following Types:
Teleflo Target or Paddle And Plunger Type Flow Switches With Adjustable Settings.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of Flow Switches that is manufactured from finest quality raw material in compliance with set industry standards. Widely appreciated for its unmatched quality and performance, this range is offered in:.
• Plunger-Flapper-Paddle-Diaphragm types
• Magnetic Glandless switching
• Micro switch, mercury and air break type
• Flanged, screwed connections
• Ideal for alarms, tank overflow and motor control
• Special design for vertical / horizontal flow
• Level switch - nine types for every application
• Internal, external, side and top mounted
•Micro switch - mercury, air break and air N\valves
• Operating alarms
• Motor control, level control with snap action contacts with NO/NC controls
•Float operated Magnetic and Glandless


Purge Level Indicator

Remote Level Indicator for Storage Tanks, Process Vessels, Reactors, Settlers, Evaporators, Reboilers, Filters etc. The Tanks or vessels may be open, pressurised or evacuated and at any attitude and at a distance around a radius of 200 feet.

Ideally suited for the continuous indication of level of corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Centralised indication of level of various storage tanks is made feasible, which will help in economic and precised handling of liquids in tanks during transfer, mixing and dispatch and also help in inventory control.

Standard Ranges

Scale Length/Size

Tank Height in terms of water

Manometer Type

30 cms

50 cms

80 cms

100 cms

120 cms

30 cms

50 cms

80 cms

100 cms

120 cms

90 cms

145 cms

230 cms

290 cms

350 cms

400 cms

680 cms

100 cms

1350 cms

1600 cms

Dial Type

90° - 270°

10 m

50 m

100 m


Silica Gel Breather

We Are The Manufacturer of Supplier Of Silica Gel & Co2 Breathers Which Have the Following Types:

Teleflo Humidity Moisture or Carbon dioxide Silica Gel Breather Separator Absorber or Eliminator.

Silica gel breathers are used for absorption of moisture vented from storage tanks. They have desiccant or absorbers like silica gel packing available in industrial and food grades. Similarly carbondioxide absorbers (C02 ) absorbers have suitable soda lime or caustic packing to suit the service requirements. They are provided with view glass. They are designed to handle high flows and can be supplied with weather hood or goose neck arrangement for outdoor installations.


C02 Absorber

C02 Absorber are used for absorption of moisture vented from storage tanks. They have desiccant or absorbers like silica gel packing available in industrial and food grades. Similarly carbondioxide absorbers (C02 ) absorbers have suitable soda lime or caustic packing to suit the service requirements. They are provided with view glass. They are designed to handle high flows and can be supplied with weather hood or goose neck arrangement for outdoor installations.