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Barrel Pumps

We Are The Manufacturer And Supplier Of Teleflo Make Barrel Or Drum Pumps Which Have The Following Types /Models:

Teleflo Electric Pneumatic Flame Proof Barrel Pumps And Drum Pumps, Teleflo Booster Pumps, Teleflo Rotary Hand Pumps, Teleflo Gear Pumps, Teleflo Screw Pumps For Barrel And Teleflo Drum Transfer Applications.

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of barrel pump, pneumatic drum pump, flame proof barrel pumps, electric drum pumps products, barrel transfer pump, electric barrel pump, electric transfer pump, barrel screw pumps, hand rotary hand pump, hydro test pump, air booster test pumps, hydraulic pressure test pump, manual hydro test pumps particularly designed and engineered to meet the needs of highly productive industries.

Barrel Transfer Pumps

We manufacture a wide range of industrial barrel pumps. Our range of barrel pump comprises of barrel transfer pump, electric barrel pump, electric transfer pump, booster pump, electric booster pump, air booster pump, and functionally superior pumps etc. - particularly designed and engineered to meet the needs of highly productive industries. The most important feature of these barrel pump, is its specially developed unit, the unique pump tube and the axial vane impeller. The power on/off switch is located at the top, that makes it easy to use. The rugged motor is designed having large handle grip to ensure a secure grasp when wearing bulky rubber gloves. Pump tubes used are interchangeable and can be easily connected or disconnected to the motor by means of grip collar nut.

Some accessories like hand flow regulators and braided vinyl hose are also available if required. To provide high durability chemical resistant anti corrosive parts like Teflon, Hastelloy C, PP, Viton, rugged SS304/SS 316 are also available. For transferring solvents, acids, alkalis, petroleum products etc from the machines, car bays, barrels and tanks. These high power motors are capable of transferring highly viscous liquids at very high heads. Our highly effective Barrel transfer pumps are mostly used in chemical, power, food, textile, pharma, medical and heavy engineering sectors. Some key features :

  • Self Priming
  • Stainless Steel, PP, Teflon Body
  • Continuous Duty Rated
  • Ex-proof Design (For Group I, II A & II B Under IS 2148-1981 & IS 5571-1970)
  • Sealless
  • Quick Draining
  • Suitable for Strong Solvents-Acids-Alkalis Concentrated Caustics & Bleaches and also Dilute Acids & Caustics.
  • High Power, Double Insulated (500/1150 Watt) Electric Motor.
  • Special Air Motor for speed and safety.

Sr. No. Barrel Pump Type Model No* M.O.C
1 P.P. - Standard / Electric P 80 H-40-PP-EM Body & Impeller: P.P, Shaft: Hestalloy -C
2 P.P. - Standard /Air P 80 H-40-PP-AM Seal :Viton, Others : Teflon
3 SS304 - Standard /Electric P 80 H-40-SS304-EM Body &. Shaft : SS304, Impeller : SS316
4 SS304 - Standard / Air P 80 H-40-SS304-AM Seal : Buna-N/ Viton/EPR, Others : Teflon
5 SS316 - Standard/Electric P 80 H-40-SS316-EM Body & Shaft : SS316, Impeller : SS316
6 SS316 - Standard / Air P 80 H-40-SS316-AM Seal : Buna-N/Viton/ EPR. Others : Teflon
7 Teflon Standard /Electric P 8O H-40-PTFE-EM Body & Impeller: Ptfe ,Shaft/Guide: Hastalloy-C
8 Teflon Standard / Air P 80 H-40-PTFE-AM Seal:Viton, Others:Teflon
9 C.S. Economy P 60-40-C.S.-EM Body: C.S, Shaft : SS304
10 SS304 Economy P 60-40-SS304-EM Body & Shaft : SS304
11 SS316 Economy
(with 300W Electric Motor)
P 60-40-SS3I6-EM Body & Shaft : SS316
Impeller : P.P., Seal : Nitrile
12 Manual Rotary Pump M 80-40-C.I. C.I.
13 Manual Rotary Pump M 80-40-SS304 SS304
14 Manual Rotary Pump M 80-40-SS316 SS316
15 SS304- Air Booster Pump B 80-40-SS304 SS304
16 SS316- Air Booster Pump B 80-40-SS316 SS316
17 Teflon- Air Booster Pump B 80-40-PTFE Teflon (PTFE)